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bare the Musical Synopsis

Q: How do I acquire the licensing rights to the show?

A: The very nice folks at Theatrical Rights Worldwide (TRW) will help you.

Q: Can I purchase the sheet music to a specific song?

A: You can indeed. Please contact Jim at TRW by emailing

Q: Can I purchase a vocal selections book of bare?

A: Soon, that will be made available by TRW. Make sure you sign up for the mailing list to receive that announcement and other news.

Q: Are there any instrumental-only recordings (karaoke style) available of bare?

A: Do you mean… BARE-aoke?  Sorry, we couldn’t resist.  They will be made available before Christmas.

Q: What is this show about anyway?

A: View the synopsis here.

Q: Can I buy a recording of the entire show?

A: Yes, please! You can go here to purchase and learn more about the studio recording.

Q: May I contact the composer or lyricist?

A: Sure… Damon can be contacted at and Jon can be contacted at

If you have any general questions, please email